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How are you feeling about the Iggy sex tape thing?

It makes me feel like I just popped a xanax.

Like the authenticity of her ass, I don’t care and I won’t be posting about it. What she does with her pussy and what she did or didn’t do to her booty meat doesn’t have anything to do with her being a messy bigot. It sucks that a violation of her privacy might hurt her more (or maybe have a Kim K: Hollywood with no Willow Pape effect???) than all the awful things she’s said. For all the whining her fans do about how this blog hurts her reputation, white america does not give a single fuck or shit about her being 1 racist lyric away from being announced as the new spokesperson for the KKK’s skincare line.

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For a while people have been asking me to talk about this but honestly I was hoping someone else would make a post about it because YUCK. But no one else wants to get yelled by her fans in their inbox so I’ll take one for the team as usual.

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Before anyone is like “You goin back to 2011 again b?” just listen. Iggy’s song that started it all, Pu$$y, has a music video that is nasty for all the wrong reasons. Not because of the lyrics or quality, but because there’s a child in the video. This is a song about bussin the pussy open and making men worship it but for some reason there’s a little boy riding and spanking a fake horse. It’s obvious what that is supposed to implicate. In what world is it okay to rap about drowning in pussy juice with a little boy wrapped around your neck? Kids shouldn’t be learning about sex by being sexualized by adults. Apparently he is one of the girl’s in the videos son and she didn’t have a babysitter or something and Iggy thought he was cute and he liked her so she was like “lol let’s have him in the video” Oh ok. Yes, the child’s mother gave consent but it’s Iggy’s song and video. It’s not like he was originally part of the concept and was essential to the plot line. You would figure someone would be uncomfortable cussing up a storm and rapping about their fuck game while laying between a child’s legs but apparently not. 

Let me put it this way; picture any male rapper. Now picture him rapping about his dick surrounded by his crew. Now picture a little girl dancin around in said video. That rapper would be dragged endlessly and rightfully so. He may even be investigated, and rightfully so. So why is this okay? Black men in general are always sexualized (example: all black men have big dicks, they rape white women because they’re beasts etc etc) so to do this to a black boy has taken the mandingo image to a new level of inappropriate. The very beginning of the video even has a fake rating system that says it has been approved for “Perverted audiences” and jokes that the material isn’t suitable for children as there’s a child in the video. So funny. Such irony. This little boy is a gimmick for a white artist; a money making and attention seeking tool and it obviously worked.

I get that this video is old or whatever excuse her fans will come up with but it’s also one of her most popular tracks and the one that got her noticed. I already know I’m gonna get a ton of messages saying I’m nitpicking, hating, being satanic, etc. but really think about if this was a young girl in a male rappers video. You can defend all the other stupid shit she does but do you really wanna take it to this level? There’s absolutely nothing wrong with the song itself (it’s her only decent song, lbr here) but there’s no excuse for this video. 


remember when iggy azalea responded to the backlash from her racist tweets and didn’t even acknowledge that they were racist and just kind of said that no one was meant to see them

Remember when I said Iggy never apologized for those tweets and Assaleans were like ya she did and I was like no *flips hair*

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Why do you have a blog dedicated to stuff a girl wrote on her twitter when she was a teenager it's weird lmao

Just to clarify she was 20-23 during the tweets from 2010-2013 and during the slave master/indian chief mess. Unless she’s lying, she was born in 1990 and most of these tweets are from 2011, so she was 21. And at 23/24 in 2012/2013 she was still tweeting people back and replying on instagram about said tweets as you can see below and is giving interviews today saying various offensive things as shown in this blog so you are incorrect. Have a blessed day though! 


In this video, Iggy Azalea is interviewed by The Citizens of Sway in the Morning. She talks about how Aboriginal peoples are treated and I have got to say that I am blown away by her ignorance. 

When asked by the interviewer how Aboriginal peoples are treated - she goes to explain that Aboriginal peoples believe that they shouldn’t live in a “confined space”, so they destroy the houses the government has built for them to then sleep under the stars because “that’s how they live” (mind you, housing projects are a rare occurrence and are hardly ever delivered). If she did her research instead of relying completely on what she thinks she knows, she would’ve discovered the real reasons behind poor housing in Indigenous communities. Her comments erase any kind of urban identity that Indigenous peoples have. I’m a little grossed out by the interviewer’s use of outdated and offensive terminology, too

In Walter Kerinauia’s words, from this article which talks about the failure of Indigenous housing in the Northern Territory: "All I want to see is a new house," Kerinauia says. "I would be happy and proud. People here want proper houses to live in. They don’t want overcrowding. If the young people get a new house, they won’t do anything like suicide any more. When they know they are getting a house, they’re going to be really proud, and they’ll look after it. I don’t want to live in this old house any more." This is a clear indication that proper housing is wanted and desperately needed, but the government is not aiding in this issue. 

There are many reasons as to why there is poor housing in remote Indigenous communities… 

  • Severe overcrowding where diseases then spread fast as a result. The average number of people living in houses on Palm Island (one of Australia’s biggest Aboriginal communities) is 17 people
  • Aboriginal peoples are semi-nomadic, so it just doesn’t work for those who are connected strongly to their culture to live in a house for the rest of their life. 
  • Domestic violence, drugs and alcohol plays a big part 
  • Empty promises and  by the government (the housing is never built, even after months of discussions and planning)
  • Fractured families and lack of vital life skills as a result of the Stolen Generations
  • The aftermath of the Northern Territory Intervention 
  • Many Aboriginal peoples have a cultural obligation to take care of and take in anyone who isn’t sleeping in a house. This is then used against them in conjunction with overcrowding to justify the eviction of tenants. The whole cycle then repeats itself WITHOUT the implication of proper housing
  • Materials from the houses are sometimes burnt in an attempt to be warm in the cooler months as the structures are so old that the facilities simply don’t work
  • The houses are falling apart due to neglect and their old age
  • Builders failing Aboriginal housing. They don’t do their job correctly either because they are under-qualified, use solutions that don’t work according to the climate in different areas or because they’re just lazy and they don’t care

I will not accept statements saying we’re feral/uncivilized/stuck in the old ways and that we need to try harder or integrate with white society. Our problems are the white man and the government’s doing, not our doing. Because of this, we have been deprived of equality and a fair go in many areas in the past. We still are today, so let’s start talking about real solutions.

Thanks to whoever sent this to me, it was a good read. I’ve gotten a few messages about this video but I didn’t make a post on my own because I don’t know enough about Aboriginal peoples and wasn’t about to speak for them.


Last year under my old Twitter username, I called Iggy Azalea out on her blatant racism. 
In response she slut-shamed me and completely ignored the being called out on her blatant racism. Her fans called me a nigger, sand nigger (??), and stood up for their racist idol.

*not my twitter


Last year under my old Twitter username, I called Iggy Azalea out on her blatant racism. 

In response she slut-shamed me and completely ignored the being called out on her blatant racism. Her fans called me a nigger, sand nigger (??), and stood up for their racist idol.

*not my twitter

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White, stomping with ~~~misandry, your litas and Tina Fey gifs while simultaneously ignoring women of color and their feelings but having plenty of time to talk about winged eyeliner and discussing which white basic actor is your new “bae”, feminists keep messaging me saying I’m sexist for the piggy part of my url and I laughed and scrolled but then scrolled back cause I remembered I had a lil somethin somethin that might be relevant.

The title of this blog refers to these tweets (not fatshaming a thin woman) that were the cause of me unfollowing her (how did you think I found all these in the first place, duh). If this isn’t acting like a misogynistic pig I don’t know what is. Let’s be real, azaleans (is that a type of enemy alien race?) do anything to excuse her behavior cause she’s a white woman doing black music with a body and mannerisms typically associated with black women. She’s pear shaped with a “fat” ass. Black girls with literally the same measurements are called ghetto and shamed for their curves. She raps like a non archival photo copied T.I., southern twang and all, but since she’s actually Australian and white her stans are okay with it cause once the mic drops she has an ~exotic accent~ and ~cute voice.~ Her use of misogynistic slurs to put down other women and build up herself are in your twitter bio cause it’s so swaggy hunty gurl spill that fancy tea!!! But when Beyonce, Lil Kim, Nicki Minaj, Trina, or any black female artist (who im not saying are without flaws) talks about “slaying hos” and how bitches should bow down, it’s suddenly a problem that requires full length articles in actual publications and countless tumblr posts. Like Miley Cyrus, she’s used black women as props and until recently had exclusively black dancers who twerked the fuck out on a hand stand, doin that thang while she stood there and occasionally gave a D- booty shake that the crowd still went off for more than the actual pros popping their pussies off the damn ceiling and filling me with the holy spirit. Do us all a favor and accept you’re excusing her being a careless racist because of her appearance. You can still wanna lick her pussy, bop to her white girl anthems or have your body tied to a carriage and dragged by Brad Pitt like Eric Bana in Troy just to reach that ass. But be real and quit denying that what she’s said is okay by anything but Donald Sterling’s standards. As Paul Mooney once said, “Everybody wants to be a nigga, but nobody wants to be a nigga." She’s a low quality xerox of black female rappers and white America couldn’t wait so they didn’t have to bop to actual hip hop anymore from the people who created it.

And for the 956 messages calling me a hater, a hater is someone who reads with no resume and critiques with no credentials. I have more degrees than a thermometer. I don’t know what bullet-less gun y’all were holding when you thought you had a shot at rationalizing these “jokes” when they’re not hot, not even lukewarm. Now run and tell that.

and have a lovely evening! xxx


*feel free to reblog this without the text, i don’t want my opinion to dominate the conversation regardless of whether I feel I’m right (I am 💅) or not.